A smokin’ start to 2019

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Written by Smokeylemon Team

30 January 2019 | Less than a minute to read

How has 2019 been so far? 

Here at Smokeylemon we have now fully settled into our new bright (and bustling) studio and we are so excited to be announcing some great news and the most exciting design trends for the year.

A new member of the Smokeylemon family

2019 looks to be a great vintage as we welcome a new member, Carl Champagne, to our Web Development team. Carl is one of our senior developers. He’s spent 13 years learning the ins and outs of programming for the web. Very detail oriented, Carl will sort out the functionality and get your website streamlined and ready for action. In his spare time, Carl refs roller derby, going by the name of ‘Poppa Champagne’. A fitting member to our ever-growing team!

Carl developer

How to follow up potential leads while you sleep

Hundreds of visitors view your website, but only a handful may have left contact information, that’s like having hundreds of people walk into your store and not engage 90% them in a conversation! Let's not let that happen again, and it won’t with SharpSpring.

SharpSpring is our new marketing automation software. A revolutionary tool that can take your marketing to the next level. Its behaviour-based email automation allows you to start meaningful conversations with your clients by sending “after-the-click” emails with just the right information based on what they clicked on your site. You keep track of all the leads and contacts and follow their whole journey to engage them at critical points using highly targeted messages.

sharpspring marketing automation software

You can see who came from which digital channel or campaign, how much you spent to have that user browsing your site, and the system gives users a lead score for you to identify the hot prospects.

There are many other features that you will love: the social media monitor to keep track of all the conversations, comments and reactions so you can see what people are saying about you, a form builder, dynamic email and landing page builder that automatically changes the content to suit the viewer.

We have started using Sharpspring for some of our clients and we can’t wait to keep making the most of it!

If you want to increase your leads, reach your potential customers more and know what marketing is working hardest for you, contact us for more information.

Design trends we will follow this year

Looking into design trends and forecasts that have been predicted for this year has got our designers pretty excited to test them out. What are these trends, you may be asking… Well, here are the top picks from us:

Custom illustrations

In particular fine line illustrations taking their influence from scientific botanical sketches, these beautifully detailed illustrations are emerging mostly in packing design. But would suit a mix of applications, especially with the continued move away from stock images and generic imagery.

illustrative designs

Asymmetrical layouts

This ‘trend’ is one that comes and goes - the classic breaking of rules, breaking the ‘grid’ format. It is a very common trend throughout web design. Lending towards big oversized imagery with small portions of text. Even though these layouts are asymmetrical they still create a sense of balance. This layout style/trend is great for creating curiosity in your designs and leading the viewer around the page and also keeping interest ‘where will the content be next?’ You will be seeing it in a huge range of websites, and most likely already have.

asymmetrical layout

Serif Fonts

It’s the year of the serif, be it in logo design or even web! Taking a cue from more traditional print design the serif font, that's the letters with the sticky-outy bits on the end, (sorry for the technical typobabble!) will continue to be a huge favourite for minimalistic designs in 2019. Thanks to their simplicity, legibility, and hint of timelessness these fonts are incredibly easy to work with. They’re not visually demanding and are very powerful when used well. Serif fonts have amusingly been referred to as the horned-rimmed glasses of type–seen as quirky cute, smart, and bursting with personality.

Now that you know about our new additions, plans and trends we want to hear yours. What is twenty nineteen going to be for your business? Smokeylemon can work with you on all design, marketing and web matters so give us a call and book a meeting to see us!

Now that you know about our new additions, plans and trends we want to hear yours. What is twenty nineteen going to be for your business? 

Smokeylemon can work with you on all design, marketing and web matters so give us a call and book a meeting to see us!